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Stupidity in Scams

Scammers throughout the centuries have ranged from brilliant to asinine. The truly brilliant are usually not noticed. The asinine can provide hours of entertainment as we laugh at their stupidity. While examples of real stupidity in email and online scams seen endless, the examples below are more oriented to what we have found entertaining.

It is pretty rare to see a scammer admit that they cost more than the real thing.

Nice to see that this fake firewall is really and truly a "high-price."

If someone clicked on this stupid scam, the last paragraph would become a prophecy instead of a sales pitch.



We use lots of slang terms to make it easier to accept financial trouble, or more likely to accept financial stupidity.

Terms like, 'getting in deep water' or 'getting in over your head.'

And of course, what fun would it be to watch someone stupid get in over their head if you couldn't enjoy watching them dodge the sharks at the same time.

Dear Beneficiary,

We Apologize for the delay of your payment and the Inconveniences we might have cause you.

However, we were having some problems with our payment system which has held us straitened not having the Aspiration to devote our 100% Assiduity in accrediting foreign payments.

>From the Records of outstanding Inheritance and Lottery Winners Due for payment at the office of the OVERSEA CREDIT COMMISSION your name and particulars was discovered as next on the list of the outstanding payment who have not yet received their payments.

I wish to inform you now that the square peg is now in square hole and can be voguish for that your payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter.

Also note that from the payment list, your outstanding payment is $750,210.00USD {SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND TEN UNITED STATES DOLLARS ONLY} Your Payment will be made to you via Certified Bank Draft or Wire Transfer into your nominated Bank account, as soon as you get in touched with the payment processing agent below.


While it is a well fact that most scams come from countries other than the United States, with most from the Orient or Russia, a basic grasp of English should be a requirement for success.

You may have to read the scam at the left more than once to really enjoy how bad this English is, because the writer is trying to sound very educated by using big words.

The right-bracket on the third paragraph is a nice amateur touch -- a forwarded email that was not completely cleaned up.

The last sentence is the point of the scam. Please give us your bank account number so we can rob you blind!




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